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Founded in the Fall of 2003 by veteran West Michigan guitarist Dave Taalman, Tailshaker is a band that goes narrow and deep when it comes to playing the blues. Taalman, who has been in numerous blues bands over the years, was frustrated by the lack of focus he encountered in many of these bands.

According to Taalman, “I’ve been in too many bands that for one reason or another, drifted from our original objective of just playing the blues. I really wanted a band “sound,” not just a showcase for any one lead instrument. After almost two years of practice, I believe we’ve finally achieved the sound I was after with this band.”

Tailshaker is composed of veteran musicians Stan Greene on vocals, Dave Taalman on guitar, Dave "Rip" Miller on harmonica, Rudy "Bloozer" Martiano on bass, Ray "Sweet Ray" Burke on keyboards and Michael Brown on drums. They're a group of like-minded musicians playing the music they love. The blues. And only the blues. All the time.

Dave Taalman, Tailshaker founder and guitarist adds, “When we play, it’s all about having a ‘blues party’.”

If you’re looking for a rockin' juke joint jumpin', house partyin' band, check out Tailshaker. You’ll get a good dose of Chicago and electric Delta-style blues, with a little jump and drag-it-through-the-mud swamp funk thrown in for good measure.

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